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Thursday, 26 November 2009 09:16

Unfortunately for multiple reasons we are becoming an obese society, in particular with increased abdominal girth.  It is now recognized that over and above BMI (body mass index) central obesity with increased abdominal girth remains one of the strongest risk factors for cardiovascular disease.  This is partly related to the relationship of abdominal girth to high blood pressure, Insulin resistance and adverse cholesterol profiles, so called Metabolic Syndrome.  It is this group of patients that I believe have the greatest benefit from life style changes and I am very confident that with normalization of body weight and abdominal girth nearly all the metabolic abnormalities, including the blood pressure, will normalize and will enable patient to reduce their cardiovascular risk whilst off medications. Excess Adipose tissue (fat cells), particularly around the stomach and abdomen with increased abdominal girth, should be regarded in the same manner as a malignant cancer. Fortunately, unlike most malignant cancers, this one is entirely Curable. 

It is particularly in these patients that “… if you give me your body for six months I can almost guarantee to normalize your cardiac risk profile and get you off all cardiac medications”.


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